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CoinSNS is a social website that's all about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. On CoinSNS, you can find many things relating to Bitcoin, from Bitcoin fans, to companies who use Bitcoin. You can find Bitcoin news here, too!

Not only can you just talk about Bitcoin on CoinSNS, you can make Bitcoin, too! For nearly every action you do on the site, from signing in to writing a blog post to commenting on someone else's post, you'll earn experience, which will help you earn more Bitcoin from the built-in faucet and from referrals. We at CoinSNS envision a world where Bitcoin is used everywhere, and CoinSNS will bring us one step closer to our vision.

Free Bitcoin

CoinSNS offers a whole new variety of ways to earn Bitcoin. There are many tasks that can be completed to earn levels which help you earn more Bitcoin from the site. The higher your level, the more Bitcoin you earn, so the more time you're on CoinSNS, the richer you'll be!


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